About Bryant Commons

Bryant Commons, located in the heart of downtown, is Hinesville’s newest passive park. The beautiful, 150-acre site, formerly the homestead of Georgia State Sen. Glenn E. Bryant, is an ideal setting for smaller private and corporate events, wedding receptions, reunions, festivals and more.

The park opened to the public in March 2015, and each year, a number of community events and celebrations are hosted there, including the Small World Festival, Easter Egg Roll, Citywide Yard Sale, Canine Combat Challenge and Veterans Salute. The park was made possible through a joint venture with the Bryant Family Foundation and the City of Hinesville, and plans still for more property improvements and amenities are in the works.

Bryant Commons is open from dawn until dusk seven days a week. The public is encouraged to enjoy the beautiful scenery and other amenities the park has to offer. Dogs on leashes also are welcome. Please be observant of the 15 MPH speed limit at all times and follow posted park rules and guidelines.

Permitted and prohibited at Bryant Commons (You must still go through the HDDA office for any events/organized activities) 


  • Food (outside catering allowed)
  • Alcohol (within reason and only when renting the park)
  • Decorations (please refrain from using anything that has soft return to kick over to next line may permanently damage or alter the property)
  • Music (DJs and sound systems allowed when renting the park)


  • Barbecue grills
  • Fire pits
  • Remote-controlled cars, boats, planes and drones (unless for professional use during event)
  • Water slides and swimming pools
  • Boats and other watercraft
  • Being in the water or allowing your animal to enter water unless conducting cleanup activity
  • Guns
  • Smoke Bombs, confetti of any sort, fake flower petals

Photography at Bryant Commons

Photography is permitted at Bryant Commons. Because the park is such a popular spot for wedding, engagement, family and senior portraits, please be mindful of your usage of certain areas and allow others fair access to scenic spots. Limit your photography time in one area to 15 minutes if others are waiting to use that area. You must contact the HDDA (912-877-4332) to reserve an area if you are wanting to do a photo shoot at our park no matter the time limit.

Photographers may not set up in one area for a full day or afternoon in order to serve multiple clients in the same location or scenic spot. Photographers interested in reserving one area for a set amount of time must contact the HDDA (912-877-4332) about rental rates.

Parts of the park are available for rental by the public for private parties and events. For more information, please click here.

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