Approximately one-fourth of industrial employment in Liberty County is in the area of distribution. Hugo Boss AG, often styled as BOSS, is a German luxury fashion house founded in 1924 and headquartered in Metzingen, Baden-Württemberg. The company sells clothing, accessories, footwear and fragrances. Hugo Boss is one of the biggest German clothing companies, with global sales of €2.9 billion in 2019. Hugo Boss came to Liberty County, Georgia in 2001, and employs nearly 200 people.
If you wanted to study fashion merchandising, where might you go? Milan, Paris, Savannah College of Art & Design, Auburn University or perhaps the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York. 

Top 10 Global Fashion Capitals
1. Paris
 2. New York
3. London
4. Los Angeles
5. Rome
6. Milan
7. Barcelona
8. Berlin
9. Madrid 
10. Tokyo
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